President Welcome Address: Ms TANG Sze Kit (2022-2024)

Dear Members,

It is my honor to be elected as the President of the Hong Kong Paediatric Nurses Association (2022-2024). I want to acknowledge the leadership provided by Ms. Ada Chan, our immediate President and last year board members. They all lead us to go through the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years.


I joined the HKPNA as member since the year 2000. I am inspired that my senior nurses who are dedicated, committed, and hard working to bring paediatric nurses together to form the Association in Year 2000. HKPNA is moving forward to promote our professional image, networking opportunities and enhancing nursing standards by means of different educational activities. I look forward to continue their work towards the fulfilling the mission of HKPNA.


It is a challenge for me to continue the good works from the foundation laid down in the past twenty years and move forward especially in the “new normal” situation in Hong Kong. In the coming 2 years, I will continue to work closely with my board members and committee chair ladies to promote the paediatric nurses professional knowledge by varies educational activities; to promote professional image in the community; to collaborate with other related nursing and medical counterparts to work towards the better of children’s health in Hong Kong.


Finally, I will take this opportunity to thank all the out-going board members and co-opt members for the contribution during their terms, and members to vote me in the HKPNA Board. Last but not least, I would like to invite more paediatric nurses joining the HKPNA as new members, as committee members in the Committees such as the Professional Development Committee, Editorial Committee,, Community Committee, Promotion Committee to participate in the various activities to act as helpers to enhance members’ ownership and passion as paediatric nurses and make family members in the Association.


Let us work together… bring our children with a better life… and our new paediatric nurses with a better professional development and status in Hong Kong.


TANG Sze Kit




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